What did the students of the English "Grundkurs" think of the film.
Here are some examples of their studious interpretations:
Super film music
I think the film is very entertaining, because the story is well visualized by clever cinematic devices.
There are often changes of the camera angle and some scenes end with a voice-over, all this makes the viewer curius and the story even suspensive at times. 
Although the film story is set in the late 1960s it's not a typical film made in that time, because it's not about hippies, dope or rock music. It's about an ordinary family affair in that extraordinary time. 
The comic effects emphasize the often boring scenes of the film, so they are important to make the story less serious.
The most important factor in the film is the film music. The songs by Simon & Garfunkel are melodic and they are always aptly placed in scenes where exactly these songs are needed. They show us how Ben is feeling or thinking.
Eva-Maria S.