p. 7
as per school rules = because it is a school rule
missives = long or official letters
are not subject to censor ship  = will not be read by teachers or the headmaster
dump (infml) = unattractive place
nutters (infml) = mad, crazy people
considering = if one thinks of
closeness of the community = how near pupils are to each other
progressiveness = Fortschrittlichkeit
peculiar = strange
single-sex establishments = schools for boys or girls only
on the decline = become fewer
boarding-schools = Internate
term-time = schooldays
p. 8
implies = hints, suggests (deutet an)
policy = principle, plan of action
to appoint = to choose for a job
have made their mark = have become famous
chap (infml) = man, boy, fellow
encouraging = giving courage, hope, optimism
amenable = zugänglich
appreciate his fortune = understand and enjoy his luck
thoroughly wholesome = totally good for his well?being
impressive = beeindruckend
degenerate = having lost the moral qualities
that are normal or desirable
they pecked dutifully = they dutifully kissed each other's cheek
a trifle = a little
jangling his complacency = irritating him completely
p. 9
pursing his lips = drawing them together, displeased
amazed = surprised
gravel = small stones on a path or road
pondered = thought about carefully
burglary = crime of entering a house to steal
intriguing = fascinating
raised the sash = pushed up a window frame
stone sill = stone forming the base of a window
assessing the situation = forming an opinion of the situation
unsullied from horrid child = not ruined by (hor-rible) children
contemplative eye = thoughtful look
specimen trees + shrubberies = trees and bushes planted for science
willows = (Trauer)Weiden
misty banks = foggy ground near the river
dew = Tau
clues = Hinweise
arboretum = place where trees are grown for study or display
the scent of the pines = Kiefernduft
dampness = slight wetness
wasted = verschwendete
prefects = older pupils who have authority
over younger ones and duties
fulfilment was doomed = the promise wouldn't be kept
grampus (infml) = (G. Schwertwal) person who breathes noisily
the fuzz (sl) = the police
rear = behind, bottom
binoculars =  Fernglas
moored = fixed, attached
committed suicide = killed himself
we upset him = we made him feel bad, distres-sed
prowess = expertise, outstanding ability
notoriously unable = it was well known he could not
played him up (infml) = caused him problems
conceit = excessive pride in oneself
bleary = seeing little because of sleepiness
in a terrific bate (sl) = terribly angry
guilty conscience = schlechtes Gewissen
warrant = justify (rechtfertigen)
blinking = opening and shutting one's eyes quickly
pudgy (infml) = short and fat
bore with fortitude = endured with courage and self?control
parted from his volatile friend = separated from his unstable friend
initially = at first
decisively = entscheidend
oaf = stupid, clumsy, awkward person
drown = ertrinken / ertränken
his voice grated with scorn and despair  = seine Stimme war rauh vor Verachtung und Verzweif-lung
consolation = Trost
out of bounds = forbidden, not permitted
to admit = zugeben, eingestehen (confess)
to as dire a being as = einem solch furchtbarem Wesen
on the offchance = on the slight possibility
the decent thing = the acceptable thing
to hero?worship sb. = to admire sb like a hero
jolly = happy and cheerful, enjoyable
blatant admissions = obvious confessions
reverence = Verehrung
to despise = verachten
the whole wretched race = the miserable race (teachers)
professed = declared, claimed (behauptete)
Spotty = pimply (picklig)
wreathed in public acclaim = very much ap-plauded by people
his feats = seine Heldentaten, Meisterleistungen
exacting = demanding, asking
exaggerated = übertrieben
defensively sich verteidigend
wisdom + justice personified = die Weisheit + Gerechtigkeit selbst
courage +endurance made flesh = fleischge-wordener Mut + Ausdauer
to justify = rechtfertigen
monasterial setting = klosterartige Umgebung
500 odd hothouse boys = ca. 500 Jungs im Gewächshaus
lopsided community = unausgeglichene Ge-meinschaft
deprived = benachteiligt
the cautious infiltration = the careful integration
a pathetic gesture = eine mitleiderregende Geste
contributed = trugen bei
poised + terrifying = self?controlled + frigh-tening
giggly, fluffy + secretive = laughing in a silly way, soft +
having secrets
lunatic = mad person, maniac
ankle?length dresses = knöchellange Kleider
p. 13
decade = period of ten years
groaned = stöhnte
until release = until the school would end
to relieve boredom = um die Langeweile zu erleichtern
distinct unease = a clearly uncomfortable fee-ling
trailing = walking slowly
demeanour = behaviour
squad = team
C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Department)
forensic expert = Spurensicherungsexperte
shelve = to delay dealing with
utter drivel = total nonsense
lesser mortals = not so important people
appealed to him = attracted him
surmise = guessing
the sole topic = the only theme
the old pile = Rumpelkammer
rifling our dorms = searching our bedrooms
significant = important, meaningful
a lazy sod (sl) = a lazy man
distinctly = clearly
muted = quiet, indistinct
hearty = robust, cheerful
booming guffaw quelled = loud laughter silen-ced
amiable = friendly
puckered into dismay = wrinkled into shock
in keeping = the same as usual
squirrel = Eichhörnchen
sighed = seufzte
rambling = extending in several directions
medieval intentions = wanting to look as if from the Middle Ages
ivy = Efeu
lofty = very tall
excruciatingly = intensely
buttresses = Pfeiler
winding = spiral
stone?flagged = laid with stones
knobbly = knotig
accompaniment = Begleitung
swallows / cuckoos = Schwalben / Kuckucke
baronial = suitable for a baron
spasmodic = at irregular intervals
hammer?beam = Stützbalken
ornate orangery = richly decorated flowerhouse
converted = turned, changed
crouched = hockte
enticing = inviting
a wild tangle = Gewirr
treacherous = dangerous
felicities = its happiness
assembly = meeting of pupils and teachers
conferring = discussing
strained = unnatural, forced
piling = coming in slowly
expectant = waiting
a subdued hum = quiet talking, murmuring
covered = umfasste
sublime = sth great, admirable
demurely = bescheiden
thrust into = put into
crimson = deep red
subsided in her clouds of drapery  = dropped on the chair in the many folds of her dress
jangle of bracelets = Geklimper von Arm-bändern
with a vengeance (infml) = to a greater degree than is normal
a pang of regret = a longing
gorgeous = superb, fascinating
to woo =  umwerben
roll on  (infml) = come soon
folly = nutzIoser Prachtbau
lectern = Stehpult
intricate mouldings = verzierter Stuck
issuing from a cave = aus einer Höhle kornmend
grave news to impart = bad news to tell
disperse = break up
glanced = looked
inquiries = investigations
a tremor of shock = a thrill of shock
hissing and squeaking = Zischen und Quiet-schen
suppressed = unterdrückt
an urgent nudge = an excited push
declined to acknowledge it = didn't show he felt it
weir = Wehr
foul play is not suspected = nobody thinks of a crime
indicating his intentions = saying what he plan-ned to do
assume = annehmen
cleared his throat = räusperte sich
embarrassed = peinlich berührt, befangen
inclined = wanting to behave like this
straight = directly
shed light on = give more information
distracted =  abgelenkt
a dead faint = tiefe Ohnmacht
lap = Schoß
disarray = Auflösung
wriggled out from underneath = sich darunter hervorwand
lumbered = having a burden in his hands
pushy = bossy
gaspings = quick breaths of surprise
scraping of chairlegs = Stühlerücken
effected = made
retreat = Rückzug
sparrow =  Spatz
not beyond your capabilities = you can do it
women's lib(eration) = Befreiung der Frau
staggering = schwankend, taumelnd
flights (of stairs) = Treppen
dumped it unceremoniously = just dropped her
a pathetic heap = ein mitleiderregendes Häuflein
stirring = moving
potty (infml) = mad, crazy
failed = couldn't
indication = sign
indifference = Gleichgültigkeit
deserved = verdiente
conceded = gestand es zu
effeminate = like a woman, unmanly
loops = Schlingen, Schleifen
bewitched = verzaubert
faintly = just a little bit
gaunt =  hager
welled up and spilled down = came up and ran down
wan = pale and looking ill
cripes (sl) = Ausruf der Überraschung
for heaven's sake = um Himmels willen
raving = talking wildly and furiously
twit (sl) = idiot
fag (sl) = cigarette
grasped him urgently = held him firmly
on no account = auf keinen Fall
blabbing (infml) = talking foolishly
suspicious = misstrauisch
easily led = leicht beeinflussbar
lumber off = walk away heavily
blame = beschuldigen
inquest = Untersuchung der Todesursache
mourning = feeling sad about a death
dispense with = do, live without
reeling = feeling confused, shocked
blast (sl) = too bad
suchlike agonies =such horrible subjects
suppose = think
instructions = orders
flushed = went red
curled up = rollte sich zusammen
blackbird = Amsel
pretend = do as if
feed upon = live on
concerned = betroffen
bitchy = gehässig, gemein
P. imperious = proud and arrogant
to latch on to (infml) = to become a constant companion
scorn = Verachtung
frightful = terrible
dismissed = sent away
contemptuous = scornful
bay window = Erkerfenster
lauded = praised
suffered = litt
conjunctivitis = Bindehautentzindung
could not credit it = couldn't believe it
hitched his scat on = sat on
sleeve = Armel
haunted?looking = gehetzt aussehend
freckled = mit Sommersprossen
arching nostrils = hochgezogenen Nasen1öchern
wrists bony and frail = Handgelenke knochig und zerbrechlich
inhabit a different plane = live in a different world
humble = bescheiden, einfach
advantages = Vorteile
scarecrow = Vogelscheuche
quivered = trembled
gifted = talented
gaping like a codfish = staring after him with an open mouth
brisk = forsch
cover-up = Vertuschungsmanöver
wet (sl) = dull
disgustedly ? angeekelt
volunteer = go and tell him on her own
satisfaction = Befriedigung
grieving for = feeling a deep sadness for
had come to = had woken up from her faint
discerned = seen clearly
exasperation = irritation
compassion = pity
gratitude = thankfulness
disastrous = catastrophic
ghastly = horrible
unwittingly = without knowing it
have added a straw = have made him feel worse
disturbed state of mind = a worried, unhappy state of mind
by no conceivable stretch of the imagination = by no means, absolutely not
evidence = proof
distraught = very troubled
jeez (Jesus) (infml) = oh dear
desperation = Verzweiflung
thickies (sl) = fools
abysmal confidences = furchtbare Geständnisse
revealed = enthüllt
forthcoming = ready to help
departed = left
mumbled = said unclearly and quietly
compelled to recall = forced to remember
circumstances = Umstände
recited = retold
infantile =  childish
distant purring of the mower = sound of a mo-wer far away (Rasenmäher)
fading down = becoming quieter
lullaby = gentle song to make a child sleep
released early = sent home early
lumbering mind = mind working slowly
,summoned, resisted. = when asked to think, didn't do it
natural inclinations = natürliche Neigungen
dulled it (the mind) = made it stupid
beyond hope = without any hope for its use
nourishment = food
glimmer = small sign
penetrate the heads = fill the heads
groaned = gestöhnt
doled them out = handed them out
got tripped up = ihm wurde ein Bein gestellt
funny-bone = Musikantenknochen
agonizingly = very painfully
reproved him = blamed him (warf ihm vor)
leapt to gather them up = jumped to pick them up
goodwill = helpful, co?operative feeling
scrawled = written carelessly
obliged to point it out = forced to tell everybody
grateful = thankful
to improve your rendering = to make your rea-ding better
had a bulk to match = was big
ponderous movements = slow movements (Puck is very lively)
bland, witless = uninteresting, unintelligent
fairies = 1. Elfen 2. homosexuals
fell about = laughed uncontrollably
in the appropriate voice = mit der entsprechen-den Stimme
inevitable = unvermeidlich
established = hergestellt
well in hand = well in control
habitually = regularly, usually
was cast as = was given the role of
was bound to despair at = musste verzweifeln an
motley class = bunt gemischte Klasse
spotted = picklig
imaginative = einfallsreich, phantasievoll
appreciate them = see their value, like them
doomed = verdammt, verurteilt
familiar pattern = bekanntes Muster
yawned = gähnte
frowning = die Stirn runzelnd
scuffling = struggling
gales of laughter = noisy outbursts of laughter
a roar of rage = a shout of fury/anger
stumbling gamely across the hurdles of print = trying his best to read well, but making a mess of it
quire (choir) = all the people present
waxen in their mirth = laughing more and more
sneeze and swear = niesen und schwören / (o-der: fluchen)
a merrier hour was never wasted there  = a fun-nier time was never spent there
startled = surprised
infinitely more = much more
groping about = herumtasten
apparently = obviously (offensichtlich)
his being aware of it = his knowing it
tied his ankles = seine Knöchel festgebunden
string = Bindfaden
eager entrance = begierigen Auftritt
brought up short = stopped
inability to accompany him = Unfähigkeit, ihn zu begleiten
nosedive across the aisle = Sturzflug. Uber den Gang
fettered by = hindered by
awkward = ungünstig, schlecht
agonized wrenching of = schmerzvolles Verren-ken der Knie
kneecaps scheiben
cascade of books waterfall of books
shouts of glee = Schreie voller Schadenfreude
uproar = chaos
maniacal fury = anger of a man beside himself
jerking = twisting (zuckend)
moaned and threshed about = geklagt und herumgeschlagen
complained = sich beschwert
bonds were hacked = strings were cut
scrambled to his feet = stood up with difficulty
had disappeared = war verschwunden
manoeuvred = put into that position by others
got the blame = wurde beschuldigt
in retrospect = looking back
the conclusion of his attempt = the end of his try
hung his head in shame = ließ den Kopf vor Scham hängen
the gist = das Wesentliche
upset = aufgebracht, durcheinander
gestured to = pointed at
horrified = full of horror and shock
traverse = die Wand quer besteigen
break up = start our holiday
midweek = middle of the week
youth hostels = Jugendherbergen
gear = equipment, the necessary things
put you down = write down your name
tied up = busy
his spirits soared = he became very cheerful suddenly
treat = thing that gives great pleasure
seniors = older pupils
severe = climb demanding great skill
hesitation = Zögern
smoothly = without difficulties
mountaineering = climbing mountains
incredible = unbelievable
slight of frame = not tall or big
fluency = swiftness and grace
remote = far away
intensely = extremely
approachable = friendly and easy to talk to
amicable = friendly
encouraged = given courage
achievements = Leistungen
a means = ein Mittel
gaps = Lücken
stoically = without complaint
a man apart = a man who likes being alone
attitude = Haltung, Einstellung
matched = was equal to
modelled himself on = took him as an example
affinity =  resemblance
mould = type of character
superiority = Überlegenheit
nine-to-five = who works from 9 to 5
overtime = Überstunden
convolutions = twists, complicated routes
inspired invention = phantasievolle Erfindung
arts stream = arts class
phrasing = way to say it
a mere detention = ein bloßes Nachsitzen
appointment = Verabredung
cut cricket = stay away from cricket
two?up two?down flint  cottage = cottage with two rooms upstairs and downstairs made of flint (Feuerstein)
patterned tiled roof = gemusterten Dachziegeln
quaint = malerisch, urig
pine coppice = Kiefernwäldchen
stark and uncompromisingly = firmly, clearly
cosiness = Gemütlichkeit
abundance = plenty, a lot of
piles = Haufen
crate of meat substitute Kiste Fleischersatz
altitude Höhe
canvas bag Leinentasche
pitons and karabiners Kletterhaken
shelves = Bücherregale
blissful = extremely happy
used to advantage = used the best way possible
interfering = störend, sich einmischend
cluttering it = filling it with unnecessary things
plimsolls =  Turnschuhe
perch = Stange
stag's antlers = Hirschgeweih
hitched = fastened
coil of rope = Seilrolle
porch = Veranda
resinous = harzig
lizards = Eidechsen
fit to burst = full of energy
house=martins = Hausschwalben
carved eaves = geschnitzten Dachvorsprüngen
blessing = Segen
insisted = declared forcefully
belaying = (das Seil) sichern
to assess the risk = das Risiko einschätzen
stage-coach = Postkutsche
presumably = probably
a nasty sinking feeling = a bad, unhappy feeling
fate = Schicksal
pursuing = going on with
overlapping = having to do with
overwrought = nervous, upset
crunch = Knirschen
contingencies =  Eventualitäten
exchanged = tauschten aus
padding = walking with soft steps
skirted = umgab
erstwhile = former
girdle of trees = Baumkette
midges =  Mücken
honeysuckle = Geißblatt (Blume)
intoxicatingly content = zufrieden wie im Rausch
thumping = beating
thrived on such experiences = blühte bei solchen Erlebnissen auf
desperately wanted = wanted very much
confident = full of trust
preoccupied = busy with his thoughts
a blessed release = eine willkommene Erlösung
embarrassed = peinlich berührt
indulged = gönnte sich, schwelgte in
lighthouse = Leuchtturm
brick-built, circular = aus Ziegelsteinen, rund
tapering = becoming narrower
weathered = changed shape and colour
concreted over purposely = absichtlich mit Beton bedeckt
knobs = Griffe, Beulen, Knoten
excrescences = Auswüchsen
crack = Spalt
graduated to = was good enough to climb
earwig = Ohrwurm
doddle (infml) = task easily done
uncoiling = sich abwickelnd
snags = gezogene Fäden
to safeguard = to Protect
squinting = blinzeln
gawd (god)
considerably = much, a great deal
transferring his weight = sein Gewicht ver-lagernd
foothold = Stand, Halt
all but vertical = alles andere als senkrecht
pitch = Neigung
ungenerous = rather small
effortless = needing no effort, strength
groping and clawing = searching and scratching
meagre = small
grunting = grunzend
trickles = RinnsaIe
cheekbones = Wangenknochen
sticking, clamming = klebend
spread-eagled = alle viere von sich gestreckt
pegged out = aufgeädngt, aufgespannt
he clung, panting = er hielt sich feat, keuchend
ache unmercifully = felt great pain
frostbite temperatures in great coldness
drops = falls
virgin = not yet used
exceedingly = extremely
a shoot of ivy = ein Efeutrieb
afloat = like on a ship
hulldown = in Sicht
lintel = oberer Fensterrahmen
floated down = drifted down
infinitesimal = very small
squirming = sich windend
scraping = zerkratzend
exhausted = very tired
deliverance = Erlösung
you've cracked it (infml) = you've done it
crenellations  Zinnen
grasped it = held it firmly
spoil = verderben
a dignified landfall = ein wUrdiges Sichten von Land
slither into a sitting heap = in ein sitzendes Häufchen rutschen
neat = tidy, done carefully
knackered (infml) = very tired, exhausted
evening stroll = evening walk
glued = geklebt
tangled = zerzaust
numb and skinned = taub und abgeschürft
p. 36
sucked = put them into his mouth
gritty = sandy, stony
fiercely = grimmig
gloriously happy extremely happy
undulating as if waving
wiry = drahtig
nobility = aristocracy
battlements = Zinnen
scorn = Verachtung
the old heap (infml) = the school
remorse = Reue
detract = make it seem less important
lowered = ließ herab
enveloped = eingehüllt, umgeben
p. 37
 scum = Schaum, Dreckrand
needling = provoking, annoying
discomforted = embarrassed
glimpse =  look
domestic situation = the situation at borne
vividly = intensely
cued by Hugo = auf das Stichwort von Hugo hin
coincided with = happened at the same time
petulantly = irritably, impatiently
starving = dying of hunger
request = thing asked for
O-level requirements = things needed for an e-xam
urgently = dringend
compiling = collecting and arranging
curtly = abruptly
Sister = senior hospital nurse
pathetically = causing one to feel sadness
lab(oratory) = room used for experiments
patio = Terrasse; Innenhof
pressure lamp = lamp that burns with paraffin oil
spillage = das Vergossene
meths (methylated spirits) = type of alcohol u-sed in lamps
tight with strain and weariness  = hard with stress and tiredness
iced buns = süße Stückchen, Teilchen
pie = Pastete
to peel = schälen
gangplank = piece of wood from ship to river-bank
equate with = gleichsetzen mit
taps = Wasserhähne
incident = event
rankled = caused bitterness
flagrant injustice = eklatante Ungerechtigkeit
touched off =  started
a chance remark = eine zufällige Bemerkung
genuine surge of anger = echtes Aufwallen von Wut
to give him his due = to be fair to him
conspiratorial = verschwdrerisch
trusted = believed
conducting a class = teaching a class
dubious but diffident = zweifelnd aber zurückhaltend
spoilt = verw6hnt, verdorben
moron (infml) = very stupid person
smearing = spreading paint
requires = demands
coarse, cheap = ungehobelt, ordinär
they drag you down = they make you feel depressed
steady on = control yourself
mockery, sneering, derision = Spott, Verachtung
crude = coarse
conceit, prejudice = Einbildung, Vorurteil
being displayed = being shown
dismayed = shocked
in charge of = in a position to control
vouch for = guarantee for
sniggering = laughing unpleasantly
I insist = ich bestehe darauf
detention = Nachsitzen
gala = sporting event
splendid = excellent
outraged = upset, angered greatly
regret = feel sorry for
given to pontificating = neigte zum Belehren
crumb of comfort = das einzige bisschen Trost
sordid = unpleasant
supervision = Aufsicht
suspect = vermuten, ahnen
ulterior motive = Hintergedanke
galled = annoyed, angered
motley assortment = buntes Sortiment
hullabaloo = continuous loud noise
forlorn = lonely and unhappy
supreme complacency = höchste Selbstgefällig-keit
it occurred to him = it came to his mind
engineered = planned
avoid = vermeiden
faked = gefälscht
dumped = gave
to parade a martyred devotion to duty = um ei-nen märtyrerhaften Pflichteifer zur Schau zu stellen
dignity = Würde
floundering about = moving with difficulty
shallow = not deep
revealing = enthüllend
inadequacy = Unzulänglichkeit
barely?concealed = kaum verborgenen
flattened thinly over his skull = dünn über sei-nem Schädel plattgedrückt
eyes glittering sourly = mit verdrießlich fun-kelnden Augen
predicament = dilemma
far less suited = weitaus weniger geeignet
dunking = Untertauchen
genuine =  echter
self?professedly superior = nach eigener Erklä-rung überlegen
sprawling = spreading (sich ausstreckend)
fix (infml) = difficult situation
flabby and pathetic = schlaff und erbärmlich
welled up = rose like water from a fountain
pale = blass
distaste = dislike
native mercy = angeborenes Erbarmen
daftie (infml) = little stupid person
out of proportion = in keinem Verhältnis dazu stehen
the last straw = der letzte Tropfen, der das Faß
zum Überlaufen bringt
has worn off = has disappeared
hiccup of self?pity = Schluckauf voller Selbst-mitleid
amble along = come along
feeble = weak
drip of misery = unhappiness
countless = zahllos
heaving = sich hievend, wuchtend
threshings = Umherwerfen
square = Quadrat
dusk = Abenddämmerung
soothed = made calm
on the edge of sleep,drifting = almost asleep
truly = really
I was stuck with him = I spent all that time with him
at one stage = at one moment
contract = sich zusammenziehen

out?of?character impulse not like him at all
the mind boggled (infml) = one could hardly imagine that
hence = daher
unduly = excessively
scars = Narben
reversing the roles = die Rollen vertauschend
bother = mind, be concerned
prickliness = Kratzbürstigkeit; Prickeln
was due to his conviction = verdankte er seiner Überzeugung
potted at = shot at
lunatic = madman
the wit to foresee = den Verstand, es vorherzu-sehen
habitual abysmal confusion = übliche entsetzli-che Verwirrtheit
rampant vegetation = thickly growing plants
sport = have proudly for others to see
prompted to peer = caused to look
roots and shrubs = Wurzeln und Büsche
periphery = Rand
impeded by = hindered by
added science wing = angefügten (Gebäude-)Flügel für Naturwissenschaften
a heady scent of mimosa = ein berauschender Duft von Mimosen
surfacing from his initial dive = von seinem ers-ten Sprung an die Wasseroberf1äche kommend
knocking (infml) = saying critical things about it
a reasonable proportion = a good deal
jungle trappings = dem Drum und Dran eines Dschungels
far removed = quite different
provision =  Ausstattung
tiled in Romanesque patterns which undulated = gekachelt mit romanischen Mustern, die wogten
stems = Stiele
the scooped-backwaters = aufgestautem Wasser
arched = gewö1bt
tracery = ornamental pattern
spidered over = looked like a spider's web
dawn = Morgendämmerung
creeper = Kletterpflanze
Aegean grotto = Agäische Grotte
wrinkled = drawn into lines
startling him = giving him a shock
trod water = kept upright in the water
non-committal = unverbindlich
sensible = vernünftig
floored (infml) = confused
opportunity = chance
prodding = pushing
beading their geometrical petals  = ihren geometrischen Blütenblättern eine (Was-ser)Perle aufsetzend
couldn't cope = wasn't able to deal with this
prosaic = dull, commonplace
nodded = showed him the pool with a move
of his head
uninquisitive = not curious (neugierig)
gloaming = Zwielicht
insomnia = inability to sleep, lying awake
pursue it = follow up on it
summoned = was asked to come
attend = go to
defunct = dead
remote = not very likely
evidence =  information
blackmailed = erpresst
particularly = especially
wretched = very unhappy, miserable
gazed at him in despair = schaute ihn verzwei-felt an
gently = kindly
feel scared stiff = unable to move because of fear
demur = protest
had recovered = hatte sich erholt von
infallibility = Unfehlbarkeit
a natural = ideal for climbing
dominated = had a strong influence on
distinct impediment = ausgesprochenes Hinder-nis
loomy = düster
suet = Nierenfett, Talg
scorcher = very hot day
instructed = told
composed = calm, her feelings under control
jocular = humorous
essential = fundamental
was marked = deutlich spürbar
shroud = Leichentuch
briefed = gave orders, instructions
prompted = caused
highly unlikely = sehr unwahrscheinlich
presumed = supposed, thought
tranquil = calm, undisturbed
odd = strange
wasted herself = hatte sich verschwendet
much prized for trout = sehr geschätzt wegen der Forellen
rescued = saved
notoriously berüchtigt, verrufen
lush cow pastures = saftigen Kuhweiden
flags = Schwertlilien
veered into the outskirts = in die Außenbezirke abbog
threaded his way through the congested traffic = schlängelte sich durch den dichten Verkehr
austere = simple and plain
chatting = plaudernd
ushers = Platzanweiser
clerks =  Gerichtsschreiber
had gone zombie with fright = was beside him-self due to his fear
steered him = lotste ihn (zum Platz)
tightly clasped = fest gefaltet, verschränkt
tense angespannt
beads of sweat = Schweißperlen
thumped for silence = klopfte, um Ruhe herzustellen
retired = pensioniert
elevenses (infml) = food and drink taken at 11 o'clock
preparatory to = preparing
tidying = in Ordnung bringen
current = movement of water
sluice gate = Schleusentor
recovered = taken out
resident = living
asphyxia = Erstickung
witness?box = Zeugenstand
recounted = told about
tiresome = troublesome
owing to = because of
acknowledge = confirm, say it is true
grieved at the allegation = bekümmert wegen dieser Behauptung
deny = say it is not true
the deceased = the dead person
approximately = ungefähr
marked = corrected
recital = Vortrag
acutely aware = it was painfully clear to him
steady his nerves = calm him
raw = wund, empfindlich
jogged = helped to remember sth.
harboured = kept hidden, not told
valuable = important
deckchair = Liegestuhl
hatch = Luke
glow = Glühen, Glut
whine = high-pitched sound
obliterated = rubbed out
bombshell remark = remark that shocked him deeply
overwhelming = überwä1tigend
distressed = deeply unhappy
subject to = suffering from, often had
out of the ordinary = not normal
confirm = bestätigen
groped = searched about
sprawl = riesige Schrift (G. 'Ausbreitung')
biro = Kugelschreiber
retreated = went back
brief, curt = short, abrupt
on good terms = have a good relationship
hesitated = zögerte
crumpled up = collapsed
bifocalized stare = Starren durch eine geteilte Brille
visibly = one could see how she did it
blinked = opened and shut his eyes quickly
gathering = meeting
snap = sth was done quickly, without warning
bound up = linked with, connected to
severed = broken
adrift = aimless, out of control
indications = signs
treated = behandelt
assume = annehmen
a fit of depression = ein Anfall von Depression
failure = Versagen
comprehending = understanding
verdict = Urteil, Entscheidung
adjourn for lunch = für eine Mittagspause unter-brechen
dissent = different opinions
merely = only
bus fares = money for the bus
separate reasons = different reasons
no lifting of the spirits = not feeling better
pity = schade
on my conscience = auf meinem Gewissen
bloody (sl) = damned
doing himself in (infml) = killing himself
pack it in (infml) = Stop it
in the doghouse = in Ungnade fallen
lousy = lausig
fly off the handle (infml) = become wildly angry
goes berserk = goes wild with rage
parapet = Brüstung
lichen = Flechte
scowling down = looking down angrily
sleeves = Ärmel
loosen = lockern
at large = free, somewhere near perhaps
flapping at the midges = nach den Mücken schlagend
fed up (infml) = tired, unhappy, depressed
hove into sight = dragged itself into sight heavi-ly
grinding its gears wearily = seine Gangschal-tung lustlos mahlend
it would let me out = da komme ich nicht mehr in Frage

memorial service = Trauergottesdienst
chapel = room in the school used as a church
obligatory = must be attended
item of news = piece of news
received in the same vein = accepted in the sa-me manner
felt gloom at the prospect = felt sad + hopeless imagining this
settle in his innards = sink into his stomach and bowels
lead = Blei
funeral = Begräbnis
nasty = unpleasant
compulsorily = obligatorily (zwangsweise)
stonily = with faces like stone
frayed =  ausgefranst
deadly (infml) = very boring
filed = marched in a single line
bilious = sickly yellowish colour
screens = here: glass windows
flamboyant = brightly coloured
stained glass = farbiges Glas(fenster)
unlikely complexions = unnatural face colours
congregation = Versamm1ung, Gemeinde
duration = the time it took
dismayed = shocked and discouraged
unfortunate = unvorteilhaft
shaft of amber light = gelbem Lichtstrahl
toad-khaki = krötenbraun
gilded = golden
pew = Kirchenbank
pillar = Schule
ascent = climb upwards
clerestory = Lichtfenster des Mittelschiffs
rood-screen = screen with a crucifix
flagstaff = flag?pole (Fahnenstange)
banner = flag
chancel arch = Chorgewö1be
keystone = Schlussstein
nave = Hauptschiff
memorial = Denkmal
Bart. (Baronet) = Adelstitel
provide = offer
arouse a faint hope = awaken a vague hope
attempt =  try
dreadful = shocking
to go splat (infml) = to fall and die
mess = here: his crushed dead body
gone phut (infml) = ruined
sedentary = done sitting down
wood-carving = Holzschnitzen
four-in-hand = coach pulled by four horses
soared = rose
spilling down = running down
positively = with absolute certainty
splashing = flying about in drops
acutely embarrassed = greatly ashamed, dis-comforted
prayed urgently = betete inständig
furry = covered with soft thick hair
ensuing = following
a pretence at reverence = a show of being reli-gious
froggy = froglike
tough Jane despised = rough, violent Jane disli-ked
fastening her affections = attaching her feelings of love
appalling taste = shocking taste
consequent misery = following suffering
ganging up = acting together (against her)
spry = lively and active
hared up = ran very fast up
encroachment of rose suckers = Oberwucherung von Heckenrosenzweigen
shriek = screamI cry
curled = eingerollt
damp, diaphanous ball = feuchtes, durchsichti-ges Knäuel
so evidently far gone = clearly so deeply
scarcely = hardly
surveyed = studied, examined
the proper path = the right way
one way and another = considering various aspects of the matter
sobs = Schluchzer
was moaning = seufzte, stöhnte
squatted down = hockte sich hin
carry on = behave like this, continue
unroll her = make her lie flat
dense = dicht
solitude = loneliness
muffled and streaming = not heard well + crying
stubbornly = hartnäckig, dickköpfig
revealing a faint interest = showing a little inte-rest
what a prospect = das sind ja schöne Aussichten
entirely = completely
a jolly good time = a very good time
frivolous = silly, foolish
wriggle up = aufrichten
shrugged = zuckte mit den Schultern
a fresh upsurging of tears = tears coming up a-gain
cornerstone = Grundstein, Eckstein
mop up = dry her tears with a hanky
with complete abandon = letting herself go to-tally
heaving = pushing up and down
sucked = sog
cuckoo = Kuckuck
a square meal = a large and satisfying meal
frightfully =  extremely
ravenous = very hungry
bout = Runde, Anfall
practising = (Instrument) üben
wander about = walk around
brimming eyes = eyes swimming with tears
appease = make her calm
potter about = herumwerkeIn, ?hantieren
competitions = Wettbewerbe
it got smoothed over = it became less important
how to put it = how to say it
pathetic = arousing pity
I'm dreading = I'm afraid of
lulled = calmed, feeling safe
father confessor = Beichtvater
alter = change
the nitty-gritty = the basic facts
unnerving = causing one to lose confidence
you tripped over me = du stolpertest über mich
sensed danger lights flashing = was greatly a-ware of danger
circumstances = Umstände
p. 64
noble = edel, nobel
escort = accompany
ghastly = horrible
snide = critical
she turned it down = she said no
churned up with worry = disturbed by
set in motion = started
he went for = he liked
affected =  gekünstelt
contenders = rivals
frothing looney (infml) = totally mad
divulge = tell (a secret)
gibberings = meaningless talk
reluctantly = not wanting to
relief = Erleichterung
economics prep. (=homework) = Wirtschaftswissenschaften
incipient = soon to come
bursting in = entering suddenly
ferreting = searching
detached = distanziert
impending doom = drohendes Verhängnis
elephantine = very great, elephantlike
recognize = wiedererkennen
margin = Rand
humoured him = told him what he wanted to hear
he snuffed it (infml) = he died
patiently = geduldig
pithy = markig
disputed = bestritten
thick (sl) = stupid, slow to understand
supposed to be = believed, thought to be
prevaricating = trying to avoid telling the truth
implications = Auswirkungen, Bedeutung
supposition = Mutmaßung, Annahme
belligerently = aggressively, wanting to fight
with infinite scorn = mit unendlicher Ver-achtung
cracked out = said in a changed voice
swung round and clouted = turned round quickly and hit
bellow like a charging bull = noise like an atta-cking bull
lashed out = made an attack with his foot
ordinarily = normally
physical violence = körperliche Gewalt
fraught = filled with anger
pouring = running freely
stammering incoherent abuse = unverständliche Beleidigungen
to fend him off = to fight him off
thumping and grunting = Schlagen und Grunzen
invective = violent attack in words
grappled = rangen, kämpften
divan = couch
braining himself (infml) = killing himself
bash = blow
infiltration = people coming in
disentangled freed from each other
sanity health of mind
minimum requirement = Mindestanforderung
at your peril = auf eigene Gefahr
supervised the tidying up = controlled the clea-ning up
hard berth = hard sleeping-place
annoyed = angered
interruption = Unterbrechung
you raving twit (infml) = you loud stupid person
snore = make noises when sleeping
sisal matting = Sisalmatten
distinctly = clearly
train of thought = Gedankengang
distress = suffering, pain
 implications = Auswirkungen
blabbing (infml) = giving away secrets
well-sprung bed = gut gefedertes Bett
crawled = kroch
pudgy = short and fat
smudged = smeared, dirtied
I`ll bet = darauf gehe ich eine Wette ein
admit it = gib es zu
raking it all up = reminding people of it
carrying the can (infml) = accepting the blame
fishy (infml) = suspicious
tearing = pulling
imminently intending = planning soon
pally (infml) = friendly
deny = leugnen
gained = got, won
cunning = cleverness
sly = gerissen, verschlagen
little chats = conversations, small talk
what it's worth = was die Sache wert ist
picturing = imagining
the hard core = der harte Kern
was melting = schmolz
was trembling = was shaking
animated with malice = durch Bosheit belebt
strength = power, force
uncover = discover, find out

adamantly = firmly, seriously
or else = sonst  (wird meine Drohung wahr)
misdemeanour = bad behaviour, crime
a grilling (infml) = asking many questions
defence = Verteidigung
indefensible = that cannot be excused
to prevent = verhindern
perturbed = worried, disturbed
suppressed = unterdrückt
glee = Schadenfreude
nastinesses = unkindness, dangers
divined = foreseen
delight = please
presumed = nahm an
the heady unfamiliarity of being top?dog  = the new feeling of being boss that was exciting
blackmailer = Erpresser
gossiping bitch (sl) = klatschsüchtiges Miststück
apparently = obviously
to convey nothing = not to show his feelings
enough on his plate (infml) = enough to do, to worry about
tent-pegs, guy-ropes = Zeltpflöcke, -schnüre
ironmongery = Eisenwaren, -gegenstände
stow them = pack them carefully
to savour = to enjoy
rope?scented armoury = nach Seilen riechendes Lager
junk?room = Abstellkammer
anticipation = Erwartung, Vorfreude
of the grimmest kind = of the worst kind
scuffling up the dust = pushing it up with his feet
loathing =  hating
pile = heap (Haufen)
gallows = Galgen
impossible to cover up = it could not be hidden
burnishing his features = giving his face a shine
animated = lively
unfitting to prefectorial office = not like a pre-fect (G. 'Präfekt') should
colouring up = getting red, blushing
chill = cold
ridge = Rücken
irritation = feeling of discomfort
hair-shirt; penance = punishment
he dreaded being let down = he feared to be disappointed
neatly stacked = sauber, ordentlich gestapelt
presumably = probably, very likely
conditions = Bedingungen
metier = profession
unconcerned = not worried, detached
spoil = verderben
reflectively = thinking about it
puzzlement = confusion
blank = empty
agonized = greatly afraid, worried
fraction = Bruchteil
startled = shocked
revered = admired
resource = Reserven
anguished = feeling great pain
shuttering = closing
immobile; stiff = without any movement
last thrust = a last beam (Strahl)
gap = Lücke
a flood of eerie light = eine Flut von unheimli-chem Licht
dust-speckled = mit Staub gesprenkelt
threadbare = abgetreten
supple = flexible
shattered, appalled = in pieces, shocked
clearing his throat = sich räuspernd
remote = far away, closed
advise you = tell you what to do
considered = thought it over
a rock face = a stony face
glittering = glitzernd
polishing = polierend
stern = serious, grim
affable = friendly
prerogative = Vorrecht
uncommunicative = talking little
blasted (infml) = very angry
dared = gewagt
no comfort = kein Trost
thrown, exhausted = very tired
a long cross?country = long run
trunk = Stamm
resin = Harz
clustered = as if sitting together
chimneys = Schornsteine
chickened out (infml) = decided not to do sth for fear
the pants scared off him = very frightened (infml)
he couldn't stomach = couldn't endure, tolerate
slithered = slid, slipped
flaked out (infml) = fallen asleep
flabby and porcine = having loose fatty flesh and being like a pig
winceyette pyjamas = Flanellschlafanzug
mortal = human being
do an Iris Webster = roll into a ball and hide like her
pulverize him (infml) = destroy or defeat him
it struck him = he suddenly realized
no case = no evidence
refute it = prove it to be wrong
authorities = the police or the court
molehill = Maulwurfshügel
he had a hold = he had power
carried away = lost self?control
heading = going towards
prick of light = small light
downstream = stromabwärts
tear it up = zerreißen
current = Strömung
mud = wet dirt
reeds = Schilf
disintegrate = break into small parts
squashing the lid down on a jack-in-a-box (toy) = trying to close sth. that will not shut
was threatening to burst = drohte zu platzen
smoothly = moving evenly, elegantly
inevitable = unvermeidlich
had intended = had planned to go
willy-nilly = whether one wants to or not
the facts spelled out = the facts said aloud
tranquil = quiet
hull = Rumpf
piles = Pfähle
spanning the gap = den Abstand Uberbrückend
an iron filing to a magnet = as if drawn by a magnet
armpits = Achselhöhlen
to brace himself = sich abstützen
footing = foothold
buoyancy = floating (Treiben)
flattened hands = hands stretched out
spinning off = turning round and off
he inched his way down = he moved very slow-ly, inch by inch
taut with apprehension = tense with fear (ange-spannt)
precarious = unsafe
shivering = trembling
sick with disgust = angewidert, angeekelt
imperative = very important
compulsion = Zwang
stroking it gently = es sanft streichelnd
grip = hold
bumping him = pushing him
like being keel-hauled = als ob er kielgeholt wärde
groped up = searched, felt up
twisting, clawing for release = turning, groping to be free
strands of weed = Unkraut-, Pflanzenranken
banners of slime =  Schleimfahnen
was choked, drowning = couldn't get air
no point = no sense
throw him clear = send him towards the bank
surfaced = was in the air
coughing and hawking = husten und schreien
aeons of time = Ewigkeit
elapsed = gone by
was investigating = was trying to find out what was wrong
thudding = making noise, bumping
eased himself down = moved down very care-fully
bowing round him = floating round him, pulling at him
his knuckles whitened = seine Knöchel wurden weiB
couching inanimate = lying flat and lifeless
a native of the river ooze = someone born in the river mud
with infinite caution = very very carefully
log = Stamm, Treibholz
jumpy (infml) = nervous
petrified = as if turned into stone
throbbed = felt the heartbeat very strongly
complexion = view
faded w wurde leiser
shifted his numb grip = moved his icy cold hands
porous = allowing water to pass through
cobweb =  Spinnweben
fierce burbling of the water = loud sound of the water
thrusting = pushing
chattering = Klappern
crouched = hockte
spiky grass = grass with sharp points
blundering through = moving through as if blind
lacy screens of willow = long hanging branches of a willow
like a chased hare ('Hase') = like a hunted hare
in a distressed state = very unhappy and sho-cked
the initial couple of 100 yds = the first few 100 yds
scheduled = planned
contemplate = think about
squelched = patschte, platschte
clamped = pressed
looming = bedrohlich näherrücken
shrubbery = bushes
cornered = in a position where he can't escape
corkscrews = Korkenzieher
remove a waterlily bud = eine Seerosenknospe entfernen
clinging = sticking to the body
apparition = appearance
let fly (infml) = criticized him angrily
more perceptive = seeing more
infants = children
he's in a state (infml) = in an excited state of mind
fled = floh
cursing himself = sich verfluchend
spying = spionierend
wrapped himself = wickelte sich ein
skimpy = knappe
sanctuary = Zuflucht
drawer = Schublade
privacy = state of being alone
agog =  excited
yawned and sighed = gähnte und seufzte
save himself = except himself
pappy indecipherable mess = soft unreadable dirty thing
the vital evidence = the very important proof
steady = firm, constant
a figment of the imagination = a thing imagined
adrift = aimless
anguish = severe mental pain
oblivion = state of forgetting everything
stirred him = moved him
morning is broken = it is morning
all that rot (infml) = all that nonsense
conviction = Überzeugung
reliable = verlässlich
bleakly = not full of hope
this Wales lark (infml) = this adventurous fun (G.'Jux') in Wales
you get shot of him (infml) = you won't be to-gether
consolation = Trost
on the short-list = one candidate of few
beyond = darüber hinaus
starving = almost dying of hunger
detour = Umweg
french windows = Terrassentüren
conveniently near = günstig gelegen in der Nähe von
indicate = show
determined = decided
crammed in = put into his mouth quickly
brandishing of cutlery = Herumfuchteln mit Besteck
menial table = table suited for servants
leave your betters in peace = leave the older and wiser ones alone
deus ex machina = theatrical god that arrives in time
before disaster can strike
glowered at them = looked at them angrily
in demand = wanted
head boy = the most important prefect
imbecile = idiot
adulterer = G. Ehebrecher
community = here: the pupils and teachers
don't attempt one = don't try to give one
nag = criticize
appreciate = value highly
briefing = instructions, information
it's caught up with you = now you must do it
without being reminded = without our telling you
opportunity = chance
affinity = strong liking
the mind reeling = being confused
bear in mind = don't forget
he fled, wits reeling = he ran away, confused
lavatory = toilet
his mind a blank = he couldn't think of anything
approach = Annäherung, Herantreten
a summons an order to come
jangling making noise with her jewellery
having detached herself from = having left
agog = excited
plummetting = falling rapidly
smirking = smiling in a self-satisfied way
went scarlet = went bright red
desperate =  verzweifelt
mortified = very ashamed, embarrassed
the tears brimming = the tears about to run down
agonized = worried greatly
amazed = surprised
it will sort itself out = everything will be well
was appealing to him = was begging him
his own mess = his own problems
comfort = Trost
with a monumental effort = trying very very hard
diffident = modest
a toot from the van = the car horn was blown
flinging himself = throwing himself
steam-rollered, flattened = crushed, defeated
unaccustomed emotions = feelings he never had before
assailed from all quarters = attacked violently from all sides
falsetto = a man's unusually high voice
collapsing into mirth = falling down, laughing
navigator ', ' = person to read the road map
dimwits (infml) = idiots
glove locker = G. Handschuhfach
blindfolded = with his eyes covered
muttered = said in a low voice
pregnant = expecting a child
howl. = loud cry
took the hint = understood
gradually = step by step
released = set free
determined = G. entschlossen
hostile = showing strong dislike
bad-tempered = in a bad mood
slumped back = fell or flopped heavily
navigation = finding one's way
extend you = stretch your abilities
achieve = G. erreichen, leisten
meticulously = very carefully and precisely
getting bogged down = becoming stuck, unable to go on
lunaresque = moonlike
unease = a feeling of being uncomfortable
progress = G. 'Fortschritt'
vital =  important
was cruising without effort = was driving without struggling
visibility = condition of light or weather
eightish (infml) = around 8 o'clock
handy = useful
hard track road hard enough to drive on
lapsed intb, = sank into
had spread = had covered
numbness = inability to feel or move
anticipation = G. Vorahnung, Erwartung
solicitous = concerned, worried
lack of response = missing reaction
pining for Iris = missing her, longing for her
capabilities = abilities
rolling = rising and falling (hills)
dawdling cars = cars wasting time, being slow
conception = idea
unperturbed = undisturbed, calm
charade = game; absurd pretense
amiable, chatty man = friendly man who liked talking
well?worn breeches and tattered anorak  = short trousers and anorak that were often used and ragged (zerlumpt)
ragging (infml) = joking
what's eating you (infml) = what worries you
a chance silence = an unexpected moment of si-lence
a headache = a pain in the head
swayed and swooped = moved from side to side, up + down
the winding road = the road with many curves
purple bulk = G. massige lila/rote Form
looming = appearing in a threatening way
ominous = threatening (bedrohlich,drohend)
the dun sides = the greyish-brown sides
sheering up = turning suddenly up
slate-coloured = blue-grey (Schiefer)
a bleak slate-scattered = a bare, exposed valley with slate
valley thrown about everywhere
sheep bleating = sheep making a noise
steep and bare = G. steil und kahl
into low gear = G. in niedrigem Gang (Motor)
jolting = shaking
shorn grass = cut.grass
stark = clearly seen
impressive = G. eindrucksvoll
amphitheatre = level area surrounded by hills
in its claw = G. in seinen Krallen
fans of scree = G. fächerartige Kieselfelder
slabs of climbing rock = thick pieces of clim-bing stones
urban = of the city
stirred by a chill wind = moved by a cold wind
curlew = G. Brachvogel
the top crags = G. die obersten Felsen
dumped it = threw it down
to and fro = G. hin und her
the scree slope = G. Abhang von Kieselsteinen
unbearable = that cannot be tolerated
palm = inner surface of the hand
nullified = made worthless
hubbub = noise of many voices
stores = place where the tents are kept
the torches extinguished = the lamps switched off
banter and skirmish = playful teasing and figh-ting,
to wear off = to become less intense
it had taken refuge in = it had hidden in
alerted = alarmed
subtle = not easy to describe
singling him out, marking him = giving him special attention
hostility = G. 'Feindseligkeit'
colouring his judgement = influencing his opi-nion
in retrospect = looking back
guesswork = speculation
revealed = shown
a considerable impediment = a great hindrance
serenity = calmness
it occured to him = he realized
resourcefulness = G. Findigkeit
imperturbability = calmness
a formidable adversary = an impressive enemy
motion = G. Bewegung
were snowballing on him = grew quickly in im-portance
oblivion = state of forgetting
ridge = G. Grat, Kamm (Berg)
jostled by = pushed against by
sheer rock = rock straight down
trod = set his foot
sobered = became serious and thoughtful
drizzle = rain in many fine drops
unsuited for novice climbing = not fitting for beginners
fug (infml) = warm stuffy atmosphere
mingled amenably = mixed willingly
woollies (infml) = woollen clothes
moisture = wetness
forelock = piece of hair falling over the
savoured = enjoyed
the physical relief = G. die körperliche Erleich-terung
pen-pushing = writing (with a pen)
exhaustion = G. Erschöpfung
smart = fashionable, chic
jerked = moved with short sudden actions
it brings it home to you = it reminds you of it
prospectus = G. (Schul)Prospekt, Broschüre
compatibility = ability to exist together,be friends
asserting itself = stating itself clearly
blotting out the strain = hiding completely
a lump come into his throat = felt pressure in his throat (emotion)
a spot of climbing (infml) = a little climbing
extend you = stretch your powers
exposed = not protected (from the weather)
granted = given
turmoil = agitation, confusion
malice = desire to harm, hurt others
aggro (sl) = violent aggressive behaviour
he was beyond (infml) =it was impossible for him
rely on = G. sich verlassen auf
wearing = tiring
belays = fixing a rope to secure it
jammed nuts, slings = G. verklemmte Muttern, Schlingen
lap = G. 'Strecke, Etappe'
relenting = getting better
hollow = dark, sunken place
daisies = G. 'Gänsebümchen'
primeval and stark = desolate, grim, bare
oblivious = having no memory of
impervious = not influenced, affected
the frothy, tiny tide of human activity = the little, unimportant activity of the tourists
assailed = attacked
infinitesimal = extremely small, unimportant
pinhead = G. Stecknadelkopf
the sane perspective = seeing things sensibly, realistically
dewy grass = wetness on grass in the morning
the sullen flapping = dark, gloomy swinging, waving
unconscious = unaware, still sleeping
strewing of brilliants = G. Streuen von Brillan-ten
across the crags like seeds = G. über die Felsen wie Samenkörner
a heavenly broadcaster = G. ein himmlischer Sdmann
faint and barely rooted = weak and with few roots
shrivelling his ego = making him feel small
pretensions = G. Ansprüche, Ambitionen
a firefly light = a very small light
motionless = mot moving at all
had prompted him = had made him
contemplation = G. Betrachtung
had a pee (infml) = urinated
save cold feet = except cold feet
invisible = not to be seen
belt = G. Sicherheitsgürtel
assortment = collection
larking about = behaving playfully
tussocky terraces = G. Ebenen mit Grasbüscheln
jumbled rock sheered up = broken rock turned upwards
come off = fall down
swig = G. Schluck
casual = G. beiläufig
coiled ropes = G. aufgewickelte Seile
wriggled it = moved it with quick,short movements
keyed?up = nervous, excited
play it by ear (infml) = improvise
streamers of mist = G. Nebelschwaden
ragged edges = G. ausgefransten Kanten
strolling = walking in a slow way
steeper, smoother = G. steiler, glatter
glimmered = sent out a weak unsteady light
towered up = stood like a tower
sheered away steeply = turned away steeply
pitch = G. Steigung
a figure-of-eight knot = knot that fastens itself
bulge; traverse = G. Vorsprung; Quergang
cluttering ourselves = carrying things not nee-ded
propped,.them against = leaned them carefully against
jerking out spasmodically = moving at irregular intervals
murk = darkness
spare rope = G. Sicherungsseil
came tight was fully stretched
clinging = holding fast
wrinkle = G. Falte
the more it mattered = the more important it was
stance = position
exertion = effort
crux = most difficult part
awkward = causing difficulty
runner = G. Seilrolle
gleamed = shone
waist = G. Taille
trailed out behind him = moved slowly, follo-wing him
loop = G. Schlinge, Schlaufe,
crucial = very important
shivers = attacks, fits of trembling
taking in = I'm pulling the spare rope now
acknowledged = said he would come
undid = unfastened
getting the better of him = defeating him
penduluming = swinging freely (pendulum = G. 'Pendel')
grooves = G. Furchen, Rillen
bloodstains = bloody marks, patches
pinprick tents = very small tents
rollers = long swelling waves
lilac cloak = G. lilafarbener Umhang
merging in a watery sun?shot haze = coming to-gether in a watery thin
mist with some sun rays
insecure = unsafe
seagull = G. Möwe
parachute = G. Fallschirm
spelled out = said what it was
scrape = G. Kratzen
limpet = G. Klette
whistling = making a sound like a whistle (Trillerpfeife)
plunging = falling suddenly, forcefully
cwm (Silyn) [Welsh] = rounded valley
by act of God = caused by uncontrollable forces
splayed = spread outwards
thermals = warm air needed when flying
clammed = stuck
shroud? = G. Leichentuch
sound = in good condition
taut = tight
he homed on to the ledge = he moved towards the rock on which
he was standing
could not relate to him = could not understand him
was clamouring = was telling him loudly
bullocks = small hills
boisterous = noisy
wraiths of mist = ghostlike mist
a sharp tug = G. ein kräftiges Ziehen
improved things = made things better
gaining =  getting
scare himself = frighten himself
exposure = state of not being protected
cocooned from = protected from
detached = G. distanziert
had given way = were replaced by
tumbled = disarranged, fallen
boulders = large rocks
unrope = unfasten the rope
trial by rock-face = G. 1. 'Prozess' 2. 'Kraftprobe' am Felsen
hemming = surrounding
void = emptiness
ridiculous = G. lächerlich
braced back = put firmly to balance himself
petrified = turned into stone
straightened up G. richtete sich auf
defied him G. widersetzte sich, trotzte ihm
ether = G. Äther
resolve = determination
caved in = collapsed
drawn = looking worried
brow = G. Bergkuppe
scrambling wearily = climbing quickly but ti-redly
moonscape = as if from the moon or on her
I'm going bonkers (infml) = I'm going mad
slid = G. schlitterte
skidding; stumbling = G. schleudernd; stolpernd
plodding = walking with heavy steps
dismantling his tent = packing it in
for starters (infml) = to begin with
drawstring = G. Zugschnur
unlace = G. die Schnürsenkel lösen
blurred = unclear
blotting?paper = G. Löschpapier

sobbed bitterly = G. schluchzte bitterlich
despair = G. Verzweiflung
sheer ineptitude = G. schiere Ungeeignetheit
an enduring misery = suffering that lasted
seared = caused strong emotions
the obvious = G. das Offensichtliche
predicament = dilemma
virtues = G. Tugenden
was inhibiting = was hindering (an action)
bottle up = suppress, not allow to be seen
feelers = G. Fühler (Tier)
octopus = G. Tintenfisch, Krake
strangled = G. erwürgt
to a low ebb = worse than usual
pillar?box = bright red British post?box
had sensed = had felt
highly regarded = much respected
no common ground = nothing they could share
forbearance = patient self-control, tolerance
were on a par = were equal
he suffered them = G. er ertrug sie
unawareness = missing knowledge
seldom = rarely
pre?requisite = G. Voraussetzung
endowed her with = given her
antidote = G. Gegenmittel
flaws = weak parts in one's character
intemperate = lacking self-control
unperceptive = slow to notice things
self?righteous = G. selbstgerecht
goggle?eyed = with staring, wide open eyes
swallow him up = make him disappear
virtues = good character traits
upstanding = decent and honest
reliable = G. verlässlich
defects = flaws
self?contempt = hating oneself
irritably = in an annoyed, angry way
fag (sl) = cigarette
having a crush (infml) = being in love
games mistress = lady sports teacher
point-to-point = cross country horse race
pushy (infml) = G. penetrant
a loner = a lonely person
estimation = opinion, judgement
at rock-bottom = at the lowest point
flinging their sodden heads = throwing their wet tops
sullenly = in a silent, bad-tempered way
plumpurple = bluish-red (plum = 'Pflaume')
dragging trunks = pulling large boxes
eerie = mysterious
damp plimsolls = G. feuchte Turnschuhe
weary plaster = G. bröckelndem Putz
laundry = clothes that must be washed
bats and pads = G. Schläger und Polster
malicious = intended to hurt others
they're due = they are expected to come
compelled her = forced her
to see it out = to last until the end of it
clatter = noise
dreadful = shocking
it was extended = it was offered
dreaded = was afraid of
having bottled it up = having kept it secret
mindblowing (infml) = causing ecstasy, halluci-nations
trepidation = great worry or fear
hushed up = secret, not spoken about
fake = G. Fälschung
misery = great unhappiness
the tossing elms = G. die sich schüttelnden Ul-men
having spilt the momentous secret = having gi-ven away the very important secret
windowsill G. Fensterbank
a lead a starter
demented completely crazy
she tore off she ran away fast
search me (infml) I have no idea
what possessed you? what made you do it?
lunatic mad person
she was gone on (infml) she loved him
she'll do her nut (infml) she'll be very angry
if you're still set on if you still want to very much
dismissal = G. Entlassung
draperies = clothes
supposition = guess
he tore down = he raced down
rumbles = deep heavy continuous sounds
bass accompaniment = G. Bassbegleitung
clutch = grip
bursting out = G. herausstürmend
tremulous = trembling from nervousness
quivering = shaking
hot gusts of wind = hot sudden rushes of wind
bowling = rolling about
a wire litter basket = G. ein Drahtpapierkorb
heading for them = running towards them
ducking and cursing = G. sich duckend und flu-chend
bent = turned downwards
brimming = almost overflowing
deceptively smooth = looking harmless only
swirled = moving with twists and turns
debris = G. Trümmer
bawled = shouted loud
as if spurred = as if moving faster
blossom = G. aufblühen, auftauchen
petals = G. Blütenblätter
sparks of phosphorescence = G. nachleuchten-des Glitzern
surfaced = came up
sped = hurried as fast as he could
recalling with piercing clarity = remembering with sharp clarity
a racing dive = jumping into the water while running
fierce and unmanageable = violent and un-controllable
bear him off = carry him away
a piece of flotsam = G. ein Stück Treibgut
trace = find
ineffectual = senseless
within hailing distance = near enough to call her
keep herself afloat = keep her head above the surface
involve him = cause him to be part in
drowning man's grasp = firm hold of someone who drowns
gusto = enthusiastic vigour, strength
conceivable = imaginable
with a vengeance (infml) = to a greater degree than is normal
self-preservation = saving himself
governing his actions = influence, determine his actions
frothing of current = G. Schäumen der Strö-mung
flailing arms = arms waving wildly
whipping = beating like a whip (Peitsche)
off course = away from his direction
streaked = G. strähnig
to brake = G. bremsen, abstoppen
in a vice?like grip = a grip that could drown him
screwed = twisted
gored him = G. spießten ihn auf
gasped it out = said in a breathless way
clawed at him = G. kratzten ihn
ripping off streamers of skin = tearing off pieces of flesh
to sap = to take away gradually
heaved her after him = pulled her after him hea-vily
clammy cheesecloth = wet cotton clothes
scared rigid = frightened, scared stiff
limp = without movement, unconscious
foam = G. Schaum
topography = description of the river's features
bends = curves
saturated parachute = G. durchtränkter Fall-schirm
smothering him = killing him because of lack of air
spume = foam
revolving = turning round
resolved = decided
jabbed = pushed roughly
bringing progress up sharp = bettering the situation suddenly
clutched at = gripped
alder tree = G. Erle
hooked himself on = held himself
frantic = desperate
swayed and tore = moved slowly and broke
shoved  = pushed hard
straining until he all but passed out = trying so hard until he almost fainted
a bale of sodden straw = G. ein nasser Strohbal-len
spent, saturated = exhausted, all wet
starfish = G. Seestern
washed up moaning, choking, sobbing  = G. stöhnend, erstickend, schluchzend an das Ufer gespült
locked his fingers = fastened his fingers
bark = outer covering of trees
back-paddling with the oars = G. mit den Ru-dern zurückpaddelnd
croaked out = G. krächzte hervor
cannoned into the bank = shot into it
upstream = G. flussaufwärts
bounced off = G. prallte ab
scraped into = G. schrammte hinein
neatly and accurately = orderly
emergency = G. Notfall
dinghy (G. 'Schlauboot') slewed sideways = boat swung to the side
boiled up = bubbled up
to stream bows on = G. mit dem Bug voran im Strom sich drehen
wrapped the painter over the trunk  = G. wickel-te die Fangleine über den Stamm
sheer efficiency = G. bloße Tüchtigkeit, Effi-zienz
the death-drop yawning = the deadly fall wai-ting
in the clear (infml) = no longer suspected
cast him back = throw him back
obituary = printed notice of his death
a vain attempt = an attempt that fails
I underestimated you = I didn't think you could do it
clear of the water = above the water
let alone = G. ganz abgesehen von
rending him = tearing him apart
I would have covered up = I would have said nothing
shuddering = trembling violently
his voice drowned out = his voice gone
indignation = G. Entrüstung
lunged for him = moved forward to get him sud-denly
transom = G. Bootskante, Querholz
hauled, heaved wildly = pulled him in with much effort
to stop him sliding back = G. um ihn vor dem Hineinrutschen ins Wasser zu bewahren
unwound the painter = unfastened the rope
clawed it to the bank = pulled it there with much effort
clambered out = climbed out with difficulty
wracking his body = causing pain in his body
to cope with = to deal with
reassuring him = removing his doubts, worries
She had done for him. = She had finished him.
propped = supported
grated, scraped = sound the touching trees made
rattled = shook them so that they made a noise
exposed = not sheltered, safe
vulnerable = G. verletzbar
I can fix him (infml) = I can deal with him
owe = G. schuldest
tracing patterns with a twLg = G. mit einem Zweig Muster zeichnend
he deserved it = G. er hat es verdient
suffered = felt great pain, unhappiness
inadequate = not suitable, fitting
too frail = not precise enough
tangle = G. Durcheinander
in that stripped way = without protection
conscious = G. bei BewuBtsein
manhandled = carried
slicked past = rushed by smoothly
curling = making little waves
snarling = showing the teeth and growling
shoved it hard home = brought it on the bank roughly
gel (dial) = girl
crinolines = G. Reifröcke
comfort = G. Trost
sparks of hope = traces of hope
relief = G. Erleichterung
bare = G. ungeschützt, entblößt
jersey = pullover, sweater
of sane mind = normal, not mad
flaked out (infml) = collapsed
marble = G. Marmor
veins = G. Venen
wreaths = rings
contain = hold back, keep under control
stripped off = got out of his clothes
rubbed himself down = dried himself with a to-wel
taps = G. Wasserhähne
clips of her bra = G. ihren BH?Verschluss
revived her = brought her back to health
faintly flushing to green- gold = becoming slightly golden
netted out over = covered as if with a net
tracksuit = trousers and jacket for athlectic prac-tice
wound = wrapped
curling gratefully = G. sich dankbar zusammen-rollend
cave = G. Höhle
investigate = find out why this is so
illuminated = decorated with lights
distant receding lightning = G. entfernter schwdcher werdender
mullioned G. mit einem Fensterkreuz versehen
stir = move
while he came to = until he was fully awake
apprehensive = afraid
no disclaimer = not denying it
convenient = G. bequem
more sophisticated = finer
self?contained = controlled
self?esteem = good opinion of one's character
to bolster him up = to give him support, help
ill-advisedly = unwisely
resorted to = made use
of humiliating her = G. sie erniedrigend
get me the sack (infml) = have me fired
reviling her = G. sie verunglimpfend
wallowing in self?pity = G. sich in Selbstmitleid wälzend
contemptuous = G. voller Verachtung
tempted = persuaded to do evil
make amends = correct my error, bad deed
p. 129
pillow = G. Kopfkissen
drawers = G. Schubladen
dared not surface = was afraid to lift his head
possessions = things he owned
hearth = floor of / area in front of a fireplace
mantelpiece = G. Kaminsims
without gaining consciousness ? = without wa-king up

spearing her eyelids = as if wounding them with a spear
quaint = attractively old and pretty
swallow = G. Schwalbe
carved eaves = G. geschnitztem Dachvorsprung
moisture = wetness
scoured = rubbed clean
appreciate = like
mindbending (infml) = strongly influencing the mind
glory = beauty, splendour
drained = tired, exhausted
petrified = as if turned into stone
gratitude = thankfulness
suppose = G. nehmen wir mal an
agonizing fear = terribly great fear
incredible = unbelievable
in the conventional sense = in the common, u-sual sense
companionable = friendly, sociable
convey these feelings = make them known
inflict upon him = force on him
achieved = G. erreicht
overwhelming = G. überwältigend
on her behalf = for her
not minding = not being angry
rigours = harshness
hovering = remaining in the air in one place
jawline = G. Kiefer
profusion of curls G. Lockenpracht
she saw the dazed sleep?stare clear to recogniti-on = she saw how he realized who she was after waking up
leaping happiness = great happiness
enquiringly wanting to know
matron = woman who manages affairs of schools
how I ache = what pain I feel
fooled me = tricked, deceived me
a bee in his bonnet (infml) = an idea one always thinks about
doing him in (infml) = killing him
a bit touched (infrnl) = slightly mad
we ought to make tracks too = (infml) we should leave, too
gather = collect
tentatively = hesitantly
not to put a foot wrong = not to make a mistake
rejoicing = feeling great joy
resolutions =  decisions
her blond mane cloaking his maroon tracksuit = her mass of blond hair covering his brown suit around the shoulders
urgent business = important business
the rising bell = bell telling you to get up
larking about = playing around
the prospect of release = G. die Aussicht auf Fe-rien ('Freilassung')
scowling = with an angry look
joint = G. Gelenk
brainbox (infml) = inside his head
wind down and come to grips = relax and begin to deal with a problem
opt out = choose not to take part in it
off his pedestal = not like an admired hero
vulnerable = G. verletzlich
down to earth = sensible, practical
contempt = G. Verachtung
lair = place where an animal lives (vg. G. 'La-ger')
emerge = come out
damp = slightly wet
anticipation = G. Vorahnung, ? freude
evidence = proof
back-sliding cheat (infml) = s.o. who didn't keep his promise
bother = make the effort
draw your own conclusions = G. ziehe deine eigenen Schlussfolgerungen
baffled = puzzled, unable to understand
has done a bunk (infml) = has run away
persistent = refusing to give up
perseverance = continued effort to achieve an aim
mole = G. Maulwurf
conduct = behaviour
wrist = G. Handgelenk
bracelet = G. Armband
incredulous = unable to believe
resentment = bitterness, anger
I won't breathe a word = I won't say anything
confirmed in his hunch = G. bestätigt in seinem Gefühl
disclose the truth = tell the truth
awkward = causing embarrassment
a rotten liar = a bad liar
summons = order, invitation to court
jerked = suddenly pulled
aggrieved = G. betrübt
shell = G. Muschel, Schneckenhaus
Land of Hope and Glory = patriotic song
specific =  precise
too modest to inquire further = G. zu be-scheiden, nachzufragen
in keeping with his new status= not in harmony with it
fairly accurately = quite precisely
reported to him = presented yourself to him
reliability = G. Verlässlichkeit
kippers = dried salted herrings
ultimate = last, final
neither fish nor fowl = not belonging to either side i
the last lap = G. die letzte Runde
bleak = not encouraging
turned his stomach = caused him to be disgusted
service = G. Gottesdienst
burrow = hole made in the ground (animal)
ricocheting = G. abprallend
plaster = G. Putz, Gips
numbing the dire disasters that lurked  = making him feel no terrible emotions that hid
abated = become less
option =  choice
primed by darting fire from his eyes = made ready by angry looks from him
lectern = G. Stehpult
ten out of ten for timing = perfect timing
required = needed, asked for
inserted = put in
equestrian dressage test = G. Pferdedressur?Test
proceeded = went on
dwell in thy tabernacle = live in your hut/church
leadeth,doeth,speaketh,hath = (old forms for:)leads, does,speaks, has
setteth = sets
deceit = dishonest act or statement
slandered = spoken badly of
delivering = saying
deliver my soul = G. erldse meine Seele
from whence cometh my help = from where my help comes
clobbered (infml) = struck, hit
falter = shake, become unsure
bolting = running away out of control
steady = keep calm
recently = not long ago
riveted = full of attention
malicious glee = G. Schadenfreude
paralysis = G. Lähmung
plight = dilemma, difficult situation
initial surge of emotion = first rush of feelings
cleared his throat = G. räusperte sich
quivering = shaking, trembling
to wind up in composure = to become calm and not to panic
forgo the job = give up the job
deceiving him = misleading him
retreat = G. Rückzug, Abgang
receiving = getting
recover = get better
eternal = never ending
waylaid him = waited for him and stopped him
sixth?form contingent = group of sixth formers
what afflicted you? = what problem did you ha-ve?
sneeze = G. niesen
presence of mind = G. Geistesgegenwart
stand you in good stead = be helpful to you when needed
inertia = lethargy
onerous duties = duties needing effort
was performing = was doing
governors = G. Schulbeiräte
consulting with = discussing with
his customary speech = his usual speech
to dwell on = to think about
fit = G. Anfall
God smote me = God hit me hard
get shot (infml) = can leave this place
affection born of colossal relief =  love that was so strong because it meant that he could go ho-me
opters-out = those who never take part in things
compulsory opting in = being forced to take part
scuffled = scraped
a casual gift = a gift given without much thought
consolation = G. Trost
pushing his luck (infml) = risking his luck
warily = carefully
put you out (infml) = cause trouble for you
gravel scrutinizing = looking closely at the gra-vel
stranded = left in difficulties
garbed = dressed
tied back = G. zurückgebunden
fan = G. Fächer
cordial = sincere and friendly
credit = praise, recognition (Anerkennung)
that set you off = that made you do it
obligatory goodbyes = goodbyes one has to say
thrushes = G. Drosseln
blessed = enjoyable
enfolded him with balm = wrapped him in balm (Balsam)
unconsciousness = G. Bewusstlosigkeit
privacy = state of being alone + undisturbed
upheaval = sudden violent change
resolved = settled, decided
convalescence = G. Genesung
probed = examined closely
thirst = G. Durst
haven = place of safety and rest
taking to = liking
native haunt = a place she knows well
enchanted = filled with great delight, pleasure
novelty = newness
blossomed in her content = became happier in her satisfaction
brave, bravery = courageous, courage
hacking = riding slowly
bay = of reddish-brown colour
splintered by the tangle of events  = broken by what happened
precipitated = caused to happen sooner, faster
trivial circumstance = G. belanglose Umstände
resolved nothing = found no solution (Lösung)
circular trail = way going round and round
curiously restful = strangely freeing from trou-ble
sore = hurting
to date = until now
mooching about (infml) = wandering around aimlessly
enquired = asked
rustling out = making a noise with the paper
they kick the bucket like = they die in great numbers
ninepins (infml)
stabbing = aiming a blow, pointing at
column = G. Spalte
headed quite starkly = with big letters in the headline
avalanche = G. Lawine
from all accounts = according to what is said or reported
acknowledgement = G. Anerkennung
proper = suitable, acceptable
burdens = duties, responsibilities
complaint = G. Beschwerde
daft ( infml ) = stupid
surge of compassion = sudden feelings of pity
obituary = notice of his death
admittance = confession, agreement
brief = short
in clover (infml) = in comfort, luxury
correspondent = letter writer
preserving keeping
of a noble ring = that sound noble
inscribed = written
he was due back = he had to go back
rapture = enthusiasm, delight
hibernation = G. Winterschlaf
grant me = give me
gruelling = exhausting, tiring
plait = G. Zopf
Iris (in capital letters) = IRIS
event horse = race horse
gig (infml) = pop concert
abroad = in another country
to polish him up = to improve his knowledge
hadn't put in for it = hadn't applied for it
odd = strange
come to terms with it = learned to accept it
bear with it = tolerate it patiently
drive a steady course = stick to your direction, aim
anticipating = guessing, foreseeing
proceeding = going on, continuing
exemplary = model
stun them = surprise them
angularities rounded out = become fuller, roun-der
gaunt = very thin
heretofore = until now
rambling = wandering, walking for pleasure
lettuces = G. Kopfsalate
got engaged to = promised to marry
to woo = to tell her he loves her
indignant = G. entrüstet
within his scope = he could manage them