An Exercise

 1. Karen is rich; ___, her cousin Kate is poor. 
a. therefore 
b. however 
c. otherwise 
2. You‘d better take a taxi. ___, you‘ll arrive late. 
a. Consequently 
b. Furthermore 
c. Otherwise 
3. I enjoy reading this new magazine. ___, it has good articles. 
a. Moreover 
b. Nevertheless 
c. However 
4. Jack wasn‘t tired. ___, he took a nap. 
a. Otherwise 
b. Hence 
c. Nevertheless
5. Phil was not thirsty; ___, he drank five glasses of water. 
a. however 
b. moreover 
c. furthermore 
6. The kids didn‘t study. ___, they failed the course. 
a. Therefore 
b. Nonetheless 
c. Otherwise 
7. The weather was terrible. ___, we decided to delay our trip. 
a. Furthermore 
b. Besides 
c. Therefore  
8. You must buy the tickets; ___, we won‘t be able to see that play. 
a. otherwise 
b. although 
c. besides 
9. The neighbourhood isn‘t very interesting. I like the house, ___. 
a. moreover 
b. thus 
c. though 
10.We live in the same building; ___, we hardly see each other. 
a. however 
b. therefore 
c. furthermore
11. He didn‘t earn enough money. ___, his wife decided to get a job. 
a. Moreover 
c. Therefore 
c. Although 
12. That house isn‘t big enough for us, and ___, it‘s too expensive. 
a. furthermore 
b. hence 
c. although 
13. We have plenty of money and workers; ___, we hope to finish the house remodelling soon. 
a. nevertheless 
b. unless 
c. thus 
14. She‘s extremely rich; ___, she‘s not snobbish. 
a. hence 
c. however 
c. otherwise 
15. It was a windy and rainy night. ___, I decided to go out. 
a. nevertheless 
b. otherwise 
c. hence
Source: Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students