Writing a Comment

eigene Einstellung
Surely/Obviously/Doubtlessly it is wrong to say that ... sicherlich/offensichtlich/zweifellos
Funnily enough/Strangely the writer defends his idea although ... seltsamerweise
Fortunately/Luckily this is not the only argument against ... glücklicherweise
Unfortunately/Regrettably he fails to acknowledge that ... leider; anerkennen
Honestly/Frankly/Generally speaking his proposals are stupid. ehrlich/offen/allgemein gesagt
Argumente strukturieren
Firstly ... secondly ... finally/lastly ... erstens ... zweitens ... schließlich
First of all/To begin with I would like to ... zunächst einmal
In addition/Moreover/Besides/Furthermore you can‘t deny that ... Darüberhinaus; leugnen
Another (significant) reason/advantage/consequence is ... ein weiter (wichtiger) Grund
This brings us to the question of whether ... daraus ergibt sich die Frage, ob 
It is worth stating at this point that ... an dieser Stelle sollte man darauf hinweisen
But above all ... aber vor allem
On the one hand ... on the other hand auf der einen/anderen Seite
We mustn‘t forget, however, that ... jedoch
All the same/Nevertheless it is wrong to say that ... trotzdem
Despite all those arguments we still face the problem that ... trotz
In contrast to/As opposed to/Unlike the writer I think ... im Gegensatz zu
Contrary to the popular idea/notion ... entgegen; Vorstellung
It is true that ... but it is definitely wrong to say that ... zwar ... aber
logische Folge
So/Therefore/That‘s why we can‘t simply assume that ... deshalb; annehmen
All this goes to show that it is unwise to assume that .... all dies zeigt nur, dass; annehmen
From all this it follows that ... aus all dem folgt, dass ...
To conclude/In conclusion/As a result you can safely say that ... zusammenfassend, als Ergebnis
All in all I reject the view that ... alles in allem; zurückweisen
To sum up I‘m seriously opposed to the writer‘s position that ... zusammenfassend
In sum/In brief I cannot accept the suggestion that ... kurz gesagt
Weighing the pros and cons one comes to the conclusion that ... wenn man das Für und Wider abwägt
persönliche Meinung
In my opinion/To my mind you can speak of/say that/accept that ... meiner Meinung nach
It seems to me that this is not the solution to ... es scheint mir
As far as I can see .../The way I see it .../My own view of that is ... meiner Meinung nach
I‘m (absolutely) convinced that ... überzeugt
It is completely/totally/absolutely/utterly wrong to believe that ... völlig, ganz und gar
He is thoroughly/entirely wrong in saying/claiming ... völlig; behaupten
The author is terribly/greatly mistaken in his conception of ... sich gewaltig irren; Vorstellung
I maintain that ... ich bleibe dabei, dass